looking glass software

Farhan Ali Khan farhan at cyber.net.pk
Wed May 27 18:48:19 UTC 2015

Hello Bogdan,
 have a look http://freecode.com/projects/lg/  it supports IOS,
Junos but doesnt support IOS XR if you are comfortable with this one
let me know ill try to assist you  to modify the code.
i never tried but i do believe with some modification same tool can
also work with huawei , nortel any other CLIs as well

Good Day 
Farhan Khan

 On 27/May/15 06:52, Bogdan wrote:
 > hello
 > what software do you use for looking glass. for cisco ios and
 > i use the old cougar/version6.net for ios, but ios-xr is not
 > i came across https://github.com/tmshlvck/ulg/ but did't installed
 > are there any other interesting lg's out there?

 That's the one we use, but we run it against IOS. Should also work

 I think I've seen some folk use it for Junos as well.


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