Measuring DNS Performance & Graphing Logs

Zayed Mahmud zayed.mahmud at
Thu May 21 11:15:41 UTC 2015

Thanks a lot to Denis Fondras, Zachary, Andrew Smith, Christopher Morrow
for your valuable advice.

I've tried cacti but failed to get desired logs. i've also tried bind
graph...but it consumes too much memory in the long run.

can u suggest some suitable tools that i can measure the performance of the
dns servers? like what shud b active and what shud not be in general safe
dns server practice and check against my own settings or whatever the tool
can query, something like nmap. this would be really helpful. i just need
to make a report about my dns servers for my boss...and i'm clueless what
to point out and what not to or how to evaluate it's performance. i'm
running bind9 under unix environment.

thanks in advance.

On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 11:34 PM, Zayed Mahmud <zayed.mahmud at>

> Hello!
> This is my first message to NANOG's mailing list. I hope someone can help
> me.
> I was wondering which tool(s) can I use to measure the performance of my 3
> DNS servers (1 primary, 1 secondary, 1 solely cacheDNS)? From the stats I
> would like to know if my DNS server is serving as it should be or if any of
> it's options are set inappropriately and others alike.
> I looked for a while but could not find any. Any help would be highly
> appreciated. I am running bind9 on UNIX platform.
> Question 2) I would also like to know how can I graph my DNS logs? And how
> can I integrate it to my CACTI server as well? I couldn't find any suitable
> plugin. Any suggestion?
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> Best Regards,
> *Zayed Mahmud*
> *Senior Core & IP Network Team,*
> *Banglalion Communications Limited, Bangladesh.*


Best Regards,
*Zayed Mahmud.*

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