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On Wed, May 20, 2015 at 1:42 PM, Colton Conor <colton.conor at gmail.com>

> So, from the sounds of it most are saying for low cost, the way to go would
> be a software router, which I was trying to avoid. To answer the bandwidth
> question, we would have three 10G ports with three different carriers and
> at max push 10Gbps of total traffic to start.
> I think this leaves me with hardware routers that can support full BGP
> tables. So, who actually sells full bgp routers. So far on my list I have:
> Juniper MX Series
> Brocade MLXe or CER
> Cisco ASR 9K
> Huawei NE40E-X1-M4
> ZTE, not sure which model?
> ALU 7750
> Besides the above, am I missing anyone else that makes a true carrier grade
> hardware router?

right now I'm pushing 11G/s 1.2Mpps, ServerU L-800 + Chelsio T580-CR, see
although you can ssh in, it's definitely not a software router since it's
essentially T5 ASICS hardware pushing the packets

% sudo rate -i cxgbe0 -R -b
=> Currently 11.08 Gbps/1199.50 kpps, Average: 11.08 Gbps/1199.50 kpps
=> Currently 11.13 Gbps/1206.68 kpps, Average: 11.10 Gbps/1203.08 kpps
=> Currently 11.11 Gbps/1202.70 kpps, Average: 11.10 Gbps/1202.95 kpps
=> Currently 11.13 Gbps/1206.54 kpps, Average: 11.11 Gbps/1203.85 kpps
=> Currently 11.24 Gbps/1207.24 kpps, Average: 11.12 Gbps/1204.53 kpps
=> Currently 11.12 Gbps/1208.79 kpps, Average: 11.12 Gbps/1205.24 kpps
=> Currently 11.22 Gbps/1208.03 kpps, Average: 11.12 Gbps/1205.63 kpps
=> Currently 11.12 Gbps/1207.79 kpps, Average: 11.12 Gbps/1205.90 kpps
=> Currently 11.23 Gbps/1207.76 kpps, Average: 11.12 Gbps/1206.11 kpps
=> Currently 11.24 Gbps/1207.46 kpps, Average: 11.12 Gbps/1206.24 kpps
=> Currently 11.32 Gbps/1207.82 kpps, Average: 11.12 Gbps/1206.39 kpps
=> Currently 11.03 Gbps/1207.04 kpps, Average: 11.12 Gbps/1206.44 kpps

btw this is a 40G QSFP SR4 port
it's a thousand dollar card on top of a thousand dollar router + a penny
for their x8 raiser card
you won't find anything like that below 3k USD for your 10G routing low
cost needs, I'm guessing

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