Low Cost 10G Router

charles at thefnf.org charles at thefnf.org
Wed May 20 14:26:28 UTC 2015

On 2015-05-20 08:17, Pavel Odintsov wrote:
> Hello!
> Ray, I could suggest switch from multi physical CPU configuration to
> single. Like Intel Xeon E5-1650/1660/1680 or even Xeon E3 platforms.
> Because multi processor systems need really huge amount of knowledge
> for NUMA configuration and PCI-E devices assignment for each NUMA.

Not really. Well that's opinion I suppose. It didn't seem like that 
steep of a learning curve. Just need to play with taskset and do some 
reading. If you are just starting out and experimenting, then sure a 
single CPU system would probably be the way to go.

> Secondly, I could vote many times for Supermicro! :) Dell or HP are
> really ugly systems for soft routers. CPU frequency tuning, PCM
> debugging are real nightmare on this systems.

And why is that any different on a supermicro system? Isn't it all the 
same hardware? I personally would recommend buying from Dell or HP, as 
they things like 4hr turn around times (at least in the major urban 
centers, usually it's about an hour). I don't know how good Supermicro 
purchase/procurement system is. Dell has some neat things for asset 
management, support etc. HP probably has the same.

  Please beware of they!
> Supermicro is very clear and do not block useful functions of platform.

What don't they "block"? What vendors block things, and what things do 
they block?

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