Low Cost 10G Router

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Wed May 20 05:55:07 UTC 2015

On 19/May/15 19:35, Colton Conor wrote:
> As low as possible, though I am not sure how low that can be.
> For example, I can get a MX480 used with a 4 10G card for $16K. That would
> easily handle my needs, but it's overkill for what we need to do.
> I would love a solution under 10K, but not sure if one exists.

If you can get an MX480 with 4x 10Gbps ports at that price, I'd take it.

Might seem like too much now, but when you need to grow, having that
chassis will come in very handy.

The problem with boxes like the MX80, MX104 and ASR9001 is while they
meet what you want now, they'll struggle because expansion is fixed
(how's that for an oxymoron). That US$6,000 you'll save now will be more
costly when you plan the upgrades in the future.


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