Low Cost 10G Router

Pavel Odintsov pavel.odintsov at gmail.com
Tue May 19 19:23:11 UTC 2015


Somebody definitely should build full feature router with DPDK/netmap/pf_ring :)

I have finished detailed performance tests for all of them and could
achieve wire speed forwarding (with simple packet rewrite and checksum
calculation) with all of they.

I.e. I could process 10GE and 14.6 mpps (64byte packets) on very cheap
i7 3820 with single intel X540 NIC (total cost about $ 800) with CPU
70% load.

But full BGP routing is a challenge but could be implemented with
existing approaches like DXR:


On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 10:11 PM, Ken Chase <math at sizone.org> wrote:
> Chat in my nerds irc channel about 10G routers paralleling this
> 14:21 <b> the Xeon D-1540 has 8 cores / 16 threads, 2GHz base clock with
>               2.6GHz turbo, and dual 10G nics on chip
> 14:21 <b> 45W TDP
> 14:31 <b> supposedly an asrock board is coming that can be 10Gbase-T or SFP+
> 14:58 <a> supermicro are shipping some SFP+ 10G E5 boards
> 15:00 <b> but the xeon E5 doesn't have the on die 10G nic
> 15:07 <a> X9DRW-7TPF+
> http://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/xeon/c600/x9drw-7tpf_.cfm
> Also: 1.4Mpps per 10G link doesnt seem like the minimum packetsize one wants for
> handling DOS attacks, but I might be bad at math.
> /kc
> On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 03:46:16PM -0500, Joe Greco said:
>   >> How cheap is cheap and what performance numbers are you looking for?
>   >>
>   >> About as cheap as you can get:
>   >>
>   >> For about $3,000 you can build a Supermicro OEM system with an 8-core Xeon
>   >> E5 V3 and 4-port 10G Intel SFP+ NIC with 8G of RAM running VyOS.  The pro
>   >> is that BGP convergence time will be good (better than a 7200 VXR), and
>   >> number of tables likely won't be a concern since RAM is cheap.  The con is
>   >> that you're not doing things in hardware, so you'll have higher latency,
>   >> and your PPS will be lower.
>   >
>   >What 8 core Xeon E5 v3 would that be?  The 26xx's are hideously pricey,
>   >and for a router, you're probably better off with something like a
>   >Supermicro X10SRn fsvo "n" with a Xeon E5-1650v3.  Board is typically
>   >around $300, 1650 is around $550, so total cost I'm guessing closer to
>   >$1500-$2000 that route.
>   >
>   >The edge you get there is the higher clock on the CPU.  Only six cores
>   >and only 15M cache, but 3.5GHz.  The E5-2643v3 is three times the cost
>   >for very similar performance specs.  Costwise, E5 single socket is the
>   >way to go unless you *need* more.
>   >
>   >... JG
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Sincerely yours, Pavel Odintsov

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