Low Cost 10G Router

Joe Greco jgreco at ns.sol.net
Tue May 19 21:04:47 UTC 2015

> Chat in my nerds irc channel about 10G routers paralleling this
> 14:21 <b> the Xeon D-1540 has 8 cores / 16 threads, 2GHz base clock with 
>               2.6GHz turbo, and dual 10G nics on chip
> 14:21 <b> 45W TDP

Right, but that's a pretty lame clock.

> 14:31 <b> supposedly an asrock board is coming that can be 10Gbase-T or SFP+

Also the only one so far I've seen able to support multiple PCIe.  The 
Supermicro is mini-ITX.  But the AsRock has some weird power arrangement

> 14:58 <a> supermicro are shipping some SFP+ 10G E5 boards
> 15:00 <b> but the xeon E5 doesn't have the on die 10G nic
> 15:07 <a> X9DRW-7TPF+
> http://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/xeon/c600/x9drw-7tpf_.cfm

Yes, but that's a big wattsy thing.  The X10SRW comes in some 1U variants
that can handle two PCIe so it'd be an interesting router platform that 
does not eat lots of space.

> Also: 1.4Mpps per 10G link doesnt seem like the minimum packetsize one wants for
> handling DOS attacks, but I might be bad at math.

Always an issue.

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