Low Cost 10G Router

Richard Holbo holbor at sonss.net
Tue May 19 18:09:25 UTC 2015

Huawei NE40E-X1-M4

I've two of these with full routes and so far (4months) they've functioned
perfectly, and the price point is... inexpensive.


On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 10:22 AM, Colton Conor <colton.conor at gmail.com>

> What options are available for a small, low cost router that has at least
> four 10G ports, and can handle full BGP routes? All that I know of are the
> Juniper MX80, and the Brocade CER line. What does Cisco and others have
> that compete with these two? Any other vendors besides Juniper, Brocade,
> and Cisco to look at?

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