Fixing Google geolocation screwups

Bryan Socha bryan at
Sat May 16 19:22:59 UTC 2015

The best way as a isp/provider to keep google updated on your geo is:

1: support their self published geo feed:
2: If you qualify get setup on their peering portal
com   and you'll be able to provide them with your feed and see it's
processing status/errors/etc
3: wait a few weeks, it'll take awhile after first process to get all
around google.
4: keep your geofeed data accurate keeping it mind it can take a few weeks
for new blocks to populate around google.

Alternatively, you can try to support their feed and ask the noc to forward
a request to the geo team to pull it, it'll help but don't expect it perm

This is only for the services where they might block based on location or
default to a specific language.   You're not going to alter things like
where on google maps you appear.

Bryan Socha
Network Engineer

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