Recommended 10GE ISCSI SAN switch

Stephen R. Carter stephen.carter at
Tue May 12 14:52:10 UTC 2015

I use a ex4550 VC as our TOR for our ESXi / EQL array in one spot, and a
pair of QFX5100-48S in another.

No issues here with either of them. The 5100¹s have a possibility of being
comparable in price once you add in the VC cards and so forth for a pair
of 4550¹s. I would get a quote for them both to see, hard to guess without
knowing what kind of deals your VAR can do.

Stephen Carter 

On 5/12/15, 9:36 AM, "Paul S." <contact at> wrote:

>Hi guys,
>We're shortly going to be getting some 10G SANs, and I was wondering
>what people were using as SAN switches for 10G SANs.
>It is my understanding that low buffer sizes make most 'normal' 10G
>ethernet switches unsuitable for the job.
>We're pretty much an exclusive Juniper shop, but are not biased in any
>way -- best tool for the job is what I've been tasked with to find.
>Keeping that in mind, how would something like a EX4550 fare in the
>role? Are there better devices in the same price range?

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