Thousands of hosts on a gigabit LAN, maybe not

charles at charles at
Sat May 9 04:29:35 UTC 2015

On 2015-05-08 18:20, Phil Bedard wrote:
> The real answer to this is being able to cram them into a single
> chassis which can multiplex the network through a backplane.
> Something like the HP Moonshot ARM system or the way others like
> Google build high density compute with integrated Ethernet switching.

I was going to suggest moonshot myself (I walk by a number of moonshot 
units daily). However it seemed like the systems were already selected 
and then someone was like "oh yeah, better ask netops how to hook these 
things we bought and didn't tell anyone about to the interwebz". (I mean 
that's not a 100% accurate description of my $DAYJOB at all).

In which case, the standard response is "well gee whizz buddy, ya should 
of bought moonshot jigs. But now you have to buy pallet loads of chassis 
switches". Hope you have some money left over in your budget.

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