Updated prefix filtering

Faisal Imtiaz faisal at snappytelecom.net
Sat May 9 00:22:12 UTC 2015

Not sure if you missed it.. there was a discussion on this topic in the recent past...
I am taking the liberty of re-posting below.. you may find it useful.

Hi Freddy,

As Paul has mentioned, you could check the David's project - SIR, look
at his presentation:

We've also developed a platform for the BGP monitoring and routing
optimization which could solve your problem. It would inject to the
border routers only TOP X prefixes with which you exchange most of the
traffic. The added value would be that route orders point to best
performing transit (low latency, 0 packet loss) per distant prefix.

If you are interested to know more about our software please contact me

Pawel Rybczyk
Regional Manager
BORDER 6 sp. z o.o.
pawel.rybczyk at border6.com
office: +48 22 242 89 51 (ext.103)
mobile: +48 664 300 375

Faisal Imtiaz
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> Best example  I’ve found is located at http://jonsblog.lewis.org/
> <http://jonsblog.lewis.org/>
> I too ran out of space, Brocade, not Cisco though, and am looking to filter
> prefixes. did anybody do a more recent or updated filter list  since 2008 ?
> Offlist is fine.
> Oh and happy friday to all.

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