Thousands of hosts on a gigabit LAN, maybe not

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Fri May 8 20:28:06 UTC 2015

On 05/08/2015 04:17 PM, Niels Bakker wrote:
> * lists.nanog at (Brandon Martin) [Fri 08 May 2015, 21:42 CEST]:
>> [1] Purely as an example, you can cram 3x Brocade MLX-16 chassis into
>> a 42U rack (with 0RU to spare).  That gives you 48 slots for line cards.
> You really can't.  Cables need to come from the top, not from the sides,
> or they'll block the path of other linecards.

Hum, good point.  "Cram" may not be a strong enough term :)  It'd work 
on the horizontal slot chassis types (4/8 slot), but not the vertical 
(16/32 slot).

You might be able to make it fit if you didn't care about 
maintainability, I guess.  There's some room to maneuver if you don't 
care about being able to get the power supplies out, too.  I don't 
recommend this approach...  Those MRJ21 cables are not easy to work with 
as it is.
Brandon Martin

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