Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Service Router (SR)

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Thu May 7 21:08:33 UTC 2015

On 7/May/15 15:16, Phil Bedard wrote:
> Forgot to send this yesterday… 
> We use them in our networks along with ASR9Ks and MXs.  There are a lot of them deployed around the world doing very similar things as ASRs and MXs.  The config is more like Juniper than Cisco IMHO.  Being kind of the “3rd” vendor they have a tendency to implement features proposed by both Cisco and Juniper faster than Cisco and Juniper when proposed by the other vendor.  For instance Segment Routing is a Cisco thing, but ALU has already implemented it in their latest 13.0 software, Juniper is sort of dragging their feet on it because it’s a Cisco thing.   Same goes for NG-MVPN (BGP signaled multicast VPN).  Cisco dragged their feet on it because it was a Juniper thing, ALU had no issues implementing it much sooner.  Most of ALUs innovation is on the MPLS services side.  We use them for business VPN (L2 and L3) but the underlying protocols are all standard stuff and interoperate with everything else. 

I went to an ALU lab last year to look at some of their kit.

Very impressive in the BNG space, and they've had a good reputation for
that even before I laid hands on one.

The CLI is pretty neat, and easy to learn.

You're right about ALU not being fussy (but being faster) on
implementing features that Cisco and Juniper squabble over.

We have just received a test router we have for the next couple of
months, and may consider them for some roles in the network if we are
happy. My only gripe with ALU is their Metro-E offering is currently not
where I'd like it to be.


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