Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Service Router (SR)

Tim Franklin tim at
Thu May 7 17:02:02 UTC 2015

> It really bothers me to see that people in this industry are so worried about
> a change of syntax or terminology. If there's one thing about the big
> vendors that bothers me, it's that these batteries of vendor specific tests
> have allowed many "techs" to get lazy. They simply can't seem to operate
> well, if at all, in a non-Cisco (primarily) environment.

I'd half-agree :)

Making "it's different" in and of itself a reason not to use a particular vendor does seem to head towards laziness.

But with the best will in the world, your good engineers *will* be slower until they familiarise with the new mind-maps (particularly things like the logical/physical split, SAPs, etc on the ALU) and the new magic words - although hopefully they'll be excited to learn something new too.  Your weaker engineers are going to need more of a push and/or some help, and the further towards helpdesk and scripts you get, the more you're going to need to provide training - be that internal, external, new scripts and cribs sheets or whatever.  That's an impact and cost it's unwise to ignore.


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