link avoidance

Owen DeLong owen at
Wed May 6 23:42:28 UTC 2015

The most common place where I have encountered that would involve differing AUPs on different links.

For example, if one has a link which is built on an amateur radio layer 1, one cannot carry commercial, pornographic, encrypted, or certain other kinds of traffic on that link.

I believe Internet2 vs. public transit may also pose some such requirements.

Other situations I’ve seen involve data privacy concerns and/or security zone issues.

Common? Not in my experience.

Usually done with a combination of ACLs, Routing Policy, etc.


> On May 6, 2015, at 3:56 PM, Randy Bush <randy at> wrote:
> a fellow researcher wants
>> to make the case that in some scenarios it is very important for a
>> network operator to be able to specify that traffic should *not*
>> traverse a certain switch/link/group of switches/group of links
>> (that's true right?). Could you give some examples? Perhaps point
>> me to relevant references?
> if so, why? security?  congestion?  other?  but is it common?  and, if
> so, how do you do it?
> randy

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