Question about co-lo in APAC region

c b bz_siege_01 at
Wed May 6 16:28:28 UTC 2015

This is a pre-project discovery question... any help would be greatly appreciated.
We have upcoming partnerships (opportunities) in APAC. The original plan was to place the hub in Singapore. Just weeks before everyone was ready to begin the RFP, it turns out that one of our partner businesses owns a Co-Lo in India. Not sure what the name or the size of this business is yet. While it would be nice to take advantage of this, we have potential partnerships in China and other areas of APAC in development... we are hesitating to put our APAC hub in India just based on latency and where the undersea cables run.
So, I'm reaching out to NANOG... some of you guys have either worked with businesses (or work in provider space) in both India and Singapore (and elsewhere, such as Japan). Is there a clear reason to use/not-use India as a hub? What would the pros/cons be? Is there a clear advantage to using Singapore as we originally planned?
Again, we appreciate the feedback.

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