Network Segmentation Approaches

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> > Possibly a bit off-topic, but curious how all of you out there segment
> > your networks.  [snip]
> I break them up by function and (when necessary) by the topology
> enforced by geography.  The first rule in every firewall is of
> course "deny all" and subsequent rulesets permit only the traffic
> that is necessary.

The first rule of every firewall should be to enforce BCP 38 out bound.

Deny all really isn't needed with modern machines but that is a matter of

> Determing what's necessary is done via a number
> of tools: tcpdump, ntop, argus, nmap, etc.  When possible, rate-limiting
> is imposed based on a multiplier of observed maxima.  Performance
> tuning is done after functionality and is usually pretty limited:
> modern efficient firewalls (e.g., pf/OpenBSD) can shovel a lot of
> traffic even on modest hardware.
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