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On Mar 28, 2015, at 8:00 AM, nanog-request at wrote:
>> Does anyone know if filtergen is going to support IPv6-length subnet
>> masks?  Trying to use -le=128 returns an error. I can work around with
>> sed, but just curious if this tool is still being developed.
> May I recommend a different approach instead?
> Download and compile bgpq3:
>    git clone && cd bgpq3 && ./configure && make
> Run bgpq3:
>    Vurt:~ job$ bgpq3 -6 -A -R 128 -l AS15562pfx AS15562
>    no ipv6 prefix-list AS15562pfx
>    ipv6 prefix-list AS15562pfx permit 2001:67c:208c::/48 le 128
>    ipv6 prefix-list AS15562pfx permit 2001:67c:2980::/48 le 128
>    ipv6 prefix-list AS15562pfx permit 2001:728:1808::/48 le 128
>> Also curious if the tool now supports IOS-XR RPL
> bgpq3 supports BIRD, IOS, XR, JunOS & JSON output. See bgpq3 -h for all
> options
> Kind regards,
> Job

There is a Perl module NET::IRR.  That is what I switched to for IPv6 support after using IRRPT for a few years.   IRRPT has been rewritten in Python but have not had time to play with.  It includes IPv6 support.  You probably have to modify it to output in XR's set format.  That's what I did with the original IRRPT.

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