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Job Snijders job at
Sat Mar 28 15:33:16 UTC 2015

On Sat, Mar 28, 2015 at 10:26:39AM -0500, Brandon Ewing wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 02, 2011 at 08:00:20PM -0600, Kevin Epperson wrote:
> > whois -h "AS3356 -cp -v4v6"
> Digging up a (very) old thread here, apologies.
> Does anyone know if filtergen is going to support IPv6-length subnet
> masks?  Trying to use -le=128 returns an error. I can work around with
> sed, but just curious if this tool is still being developed.

May I recommend a different approach instead?

Download and compile bgpq3:

    git clone && cd bgpq3 && ./configure && make

Run bgpq3:

    Vurt:~ job$ bgpq3 -6 -A -R 128 -l AS15562pfx AS15562
    no ipv6 prefix-list AS15562pfx
    ipv6 prefix-list AS15562pfx permit 2001:67c:208c::/48 le 128
    ipv6 prefix-list AS15562pfx permit 2001:67c:2980::/48 le 128
    ipv6 prefix-list AS15562pfx permit 2001:728:1808::/48 le 128

> Also curious if the tool now supports IOS-XR RPL

bgpq3 supports BIRD, IOS, XR, JunOS & JSON output. See bgpq3 -h for all

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