Frontier: Blocking port 22 because of illegal files?

Seth Mos seth.mos at
Thu Mar 26 11:56:31 UTC 2015

Stephen Satchell schreef op 26-3-2015 om 12:24:
> On 03/25/2015 07:31 PM, Aaron C. de Bruyn wrote:
>> After getting a few helpful users on the phone to run some quick
>> tests, we found port 22 was blocked.
> It's been a while since I did this, but you can select an additional
> port to accept SSH connections.  A Google search indicates you can
> specify multiple ports in OpenSSH.  Picking the right port to use is an
> exercise, though, that will depend on what other services you are
> running on your server.
> People with sane ISPs can use the standard port.  People on Frontier can
> use the alternate port, which shouldn't be firewalled by the provider.
> If Frontier is running a mostly-closed firewall configuration, then you
> have to be damn careful about the port you select.

Ahem, just to clarify, he is not talking about inbound on the Frontier
connection, but outbound *from* the Frontier network.

Akin to the "Let's block outbound port 25 (smtp)".

This is just a really really bad idea m'kay.


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