Getting hit hard by CHINANET

Paul S. contact at
Wed Mar 18 05:31:52 UTC 2015

All 6 of my upstreams (Most of them tier 1s, except Internap which is a 
tier 3?) have cooperated just fine in blocking problematic IPs if needed 
in emergencies.

I did not have to argue.

On 3/18/2015 午後 02:26, Mark Tinka wrote:
> On 18/Mar/15 04:13, Roland Dobbins wrote:
>> Also, asking your upstreams/peers to block traffic sourced from this 
>> IP to your netblock(s) on their networks.
> I'm actually curious how many transit providers would implement data 
> plane filters on their side to block source traffic bound for their 
> downstreams.
> Personally, as a transit provider, I'm less inclined to filtering 
> traffic in any way; impact to hardware e.t.c. notwithstanding...
> Perhaps times are changing.
> Mark.

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