BCOP appeals numbering scheme -- feedback requested

Yardiel D. Fuentes yardiel at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 19:01:26 UTC 2015

Hello NANOGers,

The  NANOG BCOP committee is currently considering strategies on how to best create a numbering scheme for the BCOP appeals. As we all know, most public technical references (IETF, etc) have numbers to clarify references. The goal is for NANOG BCOPs to follow some sort of same style.

The BCOP committee is looking for feedback and comments on this topic.

Currently, the below numbering scheme is being considered:

A proposed numbering scheme can be based on how the appeals appeals in the BCOP topics are presented as shown below:


In the above page, the idea is to introduce a 100-th range for each category and as the BCOPs. This way a 100th number range generally identifies each of the categories we currently have. An example is:

BCP Range		Area of Practice
100 - 199		EBGPs			
200 - 299		IGPs
300 - 399		Ethernet
400 - 499		Class of Service
500 - 599		Network Information Processing
600 - 699		Security
700 - 799		MPLS
800 - 899		Generalized

An arguable objection could be that the range is limited...but a counter-argument is that considering more than 100 BCOPs would be either a great success or just a sign of failure for the NANOG community ...

Comments or Thoughts ?

Yardiel Fuentes

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