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Mon Mar 9 11:28:59 UTC 2015

Hi Andrew,

RIPEstat makes this easy for resources that belong to the RIPE NCC region:

1. Go to
2. Look up the ASN (for example, AS3333)
3. On the "Database" tab, navigate to the Registry Browser widget and
click on the organisation object located in the right-hand list
4. The left-hand table lists all aut-num, inetnum and inet6num objects
registered under this organisation object.

Plans are to extend the Registry Browser to other RIR's databases as
well. In the meanwhile the Routing Consistency can be of help for
resources outside our region.

This widget lists and crosschecks routes found in BGP routing data
(based on RIS [0]) as well as the RIPE NCC's and RADb's [1] Internet
Routing Registries.

The "Database" tab might contain other widgets that you find useful in
case you are looking for Registry-related information. If you are
interested in BGP routing-related data, the "Routing" tab is for you;
specifically I'd like to point out the Announced Prefixes and Routing
History widget.

In case you have any questions on the presented information, please
refer to the widget's "Info" button and/or RIPEstat's documentation [2].


[0] The Routing Information System (RIS),

On 07/03/15 16:37, Andrew Iwamoto wrote:
> Is there a tool or method to determine IP blocks assigned to an organization by ASN?  I.e. if I have an organization's ASN number I want to know all blocks assigned to that ASN.
> Thank you.
> Andrew Iwamoto
> Unleashed Technologies
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