optical gear cooling requirements

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Was forced to get an Ascend Superpipe to work with a PM4 for one of our customers ages ago. Two ISDN lines... as soon as the 4th channel was thrown into multilink, it would drop the 3rd channel. >:O

Finally got it working after a lot of trial and error with stupid settings on the Ascend garbage. It was clearly a bug but I forge the specific setting that caused that to happen.


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On 04/03/2015 21:33, Jay Hennigan wrote:
> We used Livingston Portmaster 3 back in the day. Front to back 
> ventilation, ran cool as a cucumber, plug it in and it just worked.
> Awesome gear until Lucent bought the company to kill the product in 
> favor of their Ascend TNT space heaters.

Ascend kit was a horror to deal with.  I ran isdn dialin on some of their lower end kit at one stage.  It only worked because I put it on a power timer which power-cycled it twice a day.

+1 on portmasters, though.


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