Cox Communications Peering

Conley Bone cbone at
Wed Mar 4 14:51:14 UTC 2015

Someone suggested I rephrase my question...

Does anyone have a contact at Cox for *paid* peering?  I realize I am 
not going to get settlement free peering with Cox, but I have a need to 
reduce the number of hops between my network and theirs to shorten the 
distance between some of my customers that are on the Cox network.

On 3/3/15 8:08 PM, Conley Bone wrote:
> Anyone have a contact with Cox for peering?
> I have used their peering address, but don't get a reply.
> Thanks,
> Conley

Conley Bone
Newroads Telecom <>
300 Towson Ave.
Fort Smith, AR 72901

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