optical gear cooling requirements

Chris Adams cma at cmadams.net
Wed Mar 4 02:01:57 UTC 2015

Once upon a time, Martin Hannigan <hannigan at gmail.com> said:
> Remember the Ascend MAX TNT and the sideways left-right airflow? The
> preferred method of deployment was three tall in a two post rack, mid
> mount.

Shoot, only three tall?  With the original dual-slot modem cards and
separate HDLC cards, it took three chassis just to handle one DS3.
Throw another couple in there to start the next DS3 and get cooking!  Of
course, they came in the crate with that little piece of sheet metal air
deflector that I don't think I ever saw how to mount.

We had something (Redback SMS-500?) that also cooled side-to-side, but
in the opposite direction; had to make sure it was "upwind" of the TNTs.
Chris Adams <cma at cmadams.net>

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