Verizon Policy Statement on Net Neutrality

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Mon Mar 2 18:27:53 UTC 2015

On 28-Feb-15 21:55, Barry Shein wrote:
> On February 28, 2015 at 17:20 nanog at (Mike Hammett) wrote:
>> As I said earlier, there are only so many channels available.
>> Channels added to upload are taken away from download. People use
>> upload so infrequently it would be gross negligence on the
>> provider's behalf.
> And as I said earlier it's push/pull, give people lousy upload speeds
> and they won't use services which depend on good upload speeds.
> And given lousy upload speeds the opportunities to develop for
> example backup services in a world of terabyte disks is limited. At
> 1mb/s it takes approx 100,000 seconds to upload 1TB, that's roughly
> one week, blue sky.

OTOH, there are clever tricks you can play to reduce this.  For
instance, hash all every file before uploading, and if the server has
seen that hash before (from another user, or from a previous run by the
same user), the server just adds the to your collection of files
available to restore--no second upload required.

Yes, if you're the first person to backup a new version of Windows or a
new movie torrent, your upload time is going to suck, but on average,
the time to upload each new file will be close to zero.


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