content regulation, was Verizon Policy Statement on Net Neutrality

John Levine johnl at
Mon Mar 2 04:49:28 UTC 2015

In article <54F3D78A.5080009 at> you write:
>On 03/01/2015 05:53 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:
>> Business customers only get static from Comcast if they pay extra for it.
>That's also true for Charter.  I know of one ISP offering DSL that gives
>its customers static addresses.  Only one.  That doesn't mean there
>aren't more that do.

The tiny telco owned DSL ISP here gives you a static IP if you call
them up and ask for one.  Otherwise you're double-NAT-ed.

I switched to cable since their top speed was 6 megabits, even through
I'm two blocks from the CO.  They said I can have fiber if I pay for
them to string it from the CO to my house.  Uh, no.


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