Verizon Policy Statement on Net Neutrality

Michael Thomas mike at
Sun Mar 1 16:32:28 UTC 2015

On 03/01/2015 08:19 AM, Scott Helms wrote:
> Michael,
> Then you understand that having the upstreams and downstreams use the 
> same frequencies, especially in a flexible manner, would require 
> completely redesigning every diplex filter, amplifier, fiber node, and 
> tap filters in the plant.  At the same time we'd have to replace all 
> of the modems, set top boxes, TV tuners embedded in TV sets, 
> CableCards, and CMTS blades.

They were already changing all of that due to the switch from analog. 
The MSO's had
complete control over what the hardware specs looked like. Since they 
were actively
hostile to "servers", and wanted to reproduce the telco revenue model 
(which were
at some level linked), the upstream being a limited resource became a 
feature, not
a bug. Had the MSO's wanted a better upstream, all they had to do was ask.


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