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Tue Jun 2 05:27:36 UTC 2015

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Interesting story about BGP and security in the Washington Post today:

Great article for the WP and they asked good questions from
the correct people, but I have to take issue with the lack 
of network operator's participation comments:

: But getting network operators to participate is proving 
: difficult.

: Many network operators also are cool to taking the further 
: step of adopting a secure new routing protocol called BGPSEC 
: to replace BGP.

: “Unless [network] operators can see that the benefits will 
: generally outweigh the costs, they just won’t deploy it.”

It's more that the managers who have no idea what is going on 
are forcing operators to focus their attention elsewhere, rather 
than the important things until everyone's behind the 8-ball.  
Then, all of the sudden, the mostly clueless managers are all 
about it.  But, by then it's too late.  Farting in a hurricane
and hoping it makes a difference... ;-)


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