Need abuse/postmaster contact for AT&T

Pete Hanson oregon.wolfy at
Fri Jan 30 01:50:20 UTC 2015

Matthew Black <Matthew.Black <at>> writes:

> Our university just received notice from AT&T that our e-mail is being
blocked without much explanation.
> As all universities send e-mail to the students and employees, it is
impossible to tell what triggered
> AT&T's actions.
> Does anyone have an AT&T contact? If you are from AT&T, please contact me
> Thanks.
> matthew black
> e-mail postmaster
> california state university, long beach
> -----Original Message-----
> From: test_reply <at> [mailto:test_reply <at>] 
> Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2015 4:58 PM
> Subject: Blocked Email Notification
> Dear Postmaster:
> We are writing to let you know that we are blocking messages addressed to
one of our customers at the domain
> by one of your customers at domain The stream of
messages coming from your system
> appears to consist mostly of unwanted commercial e-mail (UCE, or "spam").
To protect our system and to
> ensure that it operates well for all of our customers, we have decided to
block all messages originating
> from your system.
> Please consult your logs to see what might be causing this situation and
how it can be fixed. Then visit
> to request a removal of the block.
Most requests for removal
> are honored within two days.
> The specific error message received by your customer was:
> 550 Error - Blocked for abuse. See
> Thank you for your assistance in helping our respective customers communicate.
> Best regards,
> The AT&T Mail Team.

I'm seeing the same blockage on the site that I run, including those servers
that never send email. I suspect that are using the AHBL DNSBL which
recently shutdown and started responding with positives to all lookups.

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