Recommended wireless AP for 400 users office

Seth Mos seth.mos at
Thu Jan 29 17:45:27 UTC 2015

Op 29 jan. 2015, om 17:18 heeft Tyler Mills <tylermills at> het volgende geschreven:

> Most of the issues are related to firmware.  Most of my UBNT experience was
> with the UAP-Pro and the UAP-AC, and it wasn't a good experience.
> Production firmwares seem to be of beta quality.

It’s meh, but it’s good enough. Getting wifi „right” is really hard considering the sheer amount of different hardware, network stacks etc.

> For features, they can't compete with Ruckus.  One thing I can think of off
> the top of my head is support for tagging management on its own VLAN and
> tagging wired traffic onto another.  If you were to implement this on the
> UBNT products you would have to SSH into every single one and implement the
> features as you would on a linux box, and it might work.  Ruckus, you
> configure the VLAN's how you would want through the Zonedirector or the
> AP's GUI and it will just work.

That’s not true in my experience.

Fyi, I just setup a new site here using the Unifi Pro AP’s and I’ve been doing the reverse. Management is untagged, and tag all the traffic VLANs. That works just fine, have been doing that since 2013.

The networks are all plain WPA2, but most devices on our wifi seem fine roaming throughout the building without dropping much traffic. The management tool is quite allright, more so when considering the prices and the lack of a subscription model.

Really, the subscription models offered for some of the other gear is off the wall.

The Unifi gear is by no means bad, but it’s still way better then manually configuring wireless APs without any management. It’s still far better then the 3Com/H3C gear I had before that was 3 times as expensive and still lacks proper english for the management.

We have a site with 26 APs, and a new one with 8. You can now manage multiple sites from the same server too.

> They cost more, but you get what you pay for.




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