cable modem firmware upgrade

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Thu Jan 29 04:45:27 UTC 2015

And even if you updated it yourself, it's possible that your service
provider's config file would automatically downgrade it.

Best bet is to ask your internet provider to upgrade your modem.  


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> Anyone knows how to upgrade Motorola SB6120 cable modem firmware other
> than going through the internet provider? Your help will be appreciated.

My employer managed a handful of small DOCSIS networks for a while where 99%
of the modems were Motorola, and as far as I know, there is no way to push a
firmware update to the modem from the ethernet side...only from the RF side.
And trust me: I looked.  If I ever had to update the firmware on some batch
of modems that weren't already deployed on a network, I would hook them up
to a test CMTS that we had on the bench in order to do so.

I would strongly suspect that this is going to hold true for just about any
DOCSIS modem.

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