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We have used LogicMonitor for a few years to monitor hundreds of network devices with no reliability issues, at all. The agents have proven to be lightweight and rather unobtrusive. I can’t recall a time where we have ever had to intervene during regular operations or one of their upgrades.

We do not use the alerting service at this time so no history to report there.

We have only a few dislikes. One of them is the new skin and use the prior one still available to us so its a relatively minor issue. The pricing is something I’m also not crazy about though they have been willing to work with us on some pricing tiers.


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> On Jan 28, 2015, at 1:06 PM, Jay Hennigan <jay at> wrote:
> I know that this topic has been kicking around for at least a decade,
> but wanted to get current opinions of other network operators. Most of
> us have explored Nagios, MRTG, and several front-ends for MRTG.
> We are looking into a new player in the space called Logicmonitor. They
> have a very functional and easy to navigate front end and configuration
> tool, and I very much like the look-and-feel of their product.
> What I don't like is that they only offer it as a cloud-based service.
> Internal probes tie in to a "collector" which we maintain. The collector
> then phones home over the Internet to their hosted service periodically
> and they remotely analyze the data and generate alerts, plot graphs, etc.
> From a technical standpoint this adds more points of failure in series,
> will cause missed alerts if their cloud-based service goes down (who is
> guarding the guards?) will cause false alarms if their service is still
> up but can't reach the collector, and doesn't give us a full view under
> the hood.
> Of course their sales guys are giving us "Our time and energy is
> dedicated to reliability" and "professionally managed multi-carrier
> highly secure data centers" language to encourage the warm fuzzies.
> From a scalability standpoint we incur ever-increasing recurring costs
> as we grow and add monitored devices and services.
> What's the collective opinion here? Is anyone using them or a similar
> service? Are there non-cloud-based alternatives that are relatively easy
> to set up and manage? We've explored Zabbix, Nagios, MRTG and its
> various wrappers, and Intermapper. Anything else new on the horizon that
> has a GUI front-end that is configurable without a lot of scripting
> experience, etc.?
> We would love to buy something that works for us and pay a reasonable
> price for it, but I'm not particularly interested in the equivalent of
> renting a time-share in order to monitor our networks.
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