Network ops lists.

Alex Brooks askoorb+nanog at
Wed Jan 28 12:32:27 UTC 2015

On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 2:27 AM, Seiichi Kawamura <kawamucho at> wrote:
> Not my list, but here's one.
> I'm sure there's more though. BDNOG, BTNOG, HKNOG ...

As has been mentioned, there are also a few special purpose
non-geographic lists around.  Voiceops for VoIP
(, DC-Ops for Data Centre operation
discussion (, IPv6 Ops
for IPv6 specific stuff (
come to mind.

Be aware that other regional ops mailing lists can be a little quieter
than NANOG.  UKNOF ( is a great example of
this, there are lots of great people from loads of ISPs and network
operators on that list, with lots of experience of the UK and Western
Europe, they also host two meetings a year, a bit like the NANOG
meetings, but if you subscribed to the list you might think it a
little dead until someone posts something on topic.  Their meeting
last week had nearly 300 attendees, including BT, the BBC, Cisco,
Akamai and Amazon along with a heck of a lot of very interesting
talks, most of which are on Youtube.  You will find that other
regional groups do similar things as well.



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