AT&T uVerse blocking SIP?

Dan Lowe dan at
Wed Jan 28 02:29:34 UTC 2015

On Mon, Jan 26, 2015, at 10:22 PM, Jared Mauch wrote:
> Yes.  If you move to another port, e.g.: 5061 it works fine.
> If you’re running on a Linux based system, you can do this:
> /sbin/iptables -A PREROUTING -t nat -i eth1 -p udp --dport 5061 -j
> REDIRECT --to-port 5060
> on the host to remap 5061 -> 5060 with no application change.
> - Jared

In most cases the above has worked fine (we also use a 15060 -> 5060
remap), but I have one user for whom nothing seems to work. The problem
has persisted with different models of CPE, different phones, different
server-side ports (5060, 5061, 15060). They even moved and the problem
followed them to a new house (albeit in the same area). I was never able
to work out the issue and have been assuming it's a regional problem in
Uverse (in this case it was near Austin, TX).

IIRC, the user ended up switching to cable.


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