Comcast Support (from NANOG Digest, Vol 84, Issue 24)

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Mon Jan 26 18:19:03 UTC 2015

From the looks of it, there is no IPv6 PD support per RFC3633.

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>> For customers where you bring your own cable modem or have one of the
>>above in bridge mode we have enabled IPv6 support for you as well.
>>However, your router behind the modem must be running software and
>>configured with IPv6 support.  Specifically, your router needs to be
>>support stateful DHCPv6 for IPv6 address and prefix acquisition.  We
>>have received a number of reports from customers that the Juniper SRX
>>does not appear to properly support IPv6.  We are working with Juniper
>>and also recommend that you reach out to Juniper as well.
>Care to share scenarios where the SRXs do not perform well with DHCPv6?
>Any specific model?
>Thanks in advance,
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