REMINDER: Leap Second

Karsten Elfenbein karsten.elfenbein at
Sun Jan 25 17:01:40 UTC 2015


Java had some issues with 100% CPU usage when NTP was running during
the additional second in 2012.

Google did something different to get the extra second in:

Most devices probably don't even know about the leap second coming as
that would require a firmware upgrade.


2015-01-25 16:19 GMT+01:00 Mike. <the.lists at>:
> On 1/25/2015 at 9:37 AM Jay Ashworth wrote:
> |This June 30th, 235959UTC will be followed immediately by 235960UTC.
> |
> |What will /your/ devices do?
>  =============
> I've always wondered why this is such a big issue, and why it's done
> as it is.
> In UNIX, for instance, time is measured as the number of seconds
> since the UNIX epoch.  imo, the counting of the number of seconds
> should not be "adjusted", unless there's a time warp of some sort.
> The leap second adjustment should be in the display of the time,
> i.e., similar to how time zones are handled.
> fwiw

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