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Fri Jan 23 00:20:17 UTC 2015

I had a similar thing with Shentel.

When I finally started sending them screenshots of Wireshark ARP traffic I got to talk to someone that knew something.  Turned out another customer was advertising they owned part of my IP addresses.


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On 01/22/2015 06:28 PM, Aaron C. de Bruyn wrote:
> It's starting to become more typical.
> I finally resolved an issue after two weeks of fighting with them.
> A remote office could send traffic out, but couldn't receive traffic.
> .....

> Maybe Comcast train the level 1 techs that if someone says "NANOG" you 
> get transferred to someone who knows routing... ;)
And Charter gets you the business NOC if you call level1 tech between 2 and 6AM eastern.  Unfortunately this is the fiber-service noc so they can't do much with cable nodes.  At least they know what a router is, and ping and traceroute.
Reminds me of a call I made to the local power company some years back; the transformer for my end of the block was rather undersized for the more-recently installed customer air conditioners, and my line voltage was around 85 in the afternoon.  Computers don't like that :-(  Called the trouble line, said my voltage was low.  She asked how I was measuring it, I said the magic word "Fluke".  She then said it would get reported right away.  Of course, fixing it was a major undertaking (had to replace the 2400 pole-top lines with 16kv, and add a transformer), so it still took a year for them to actually fix it (and a day without power while running the new lines)...

At least that magic word was in the script...

-- Pete

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