Comcast Support

Janet Sullivan janets at
Thu Jan 22 22:42:17 UTC 2015

I hate to use NANOG for this, but support has now ended a chat with me twice without fixing anything, they just kicked me off.

I'm not getting an IPv6 address on the Comcast provided cable modem/router.  I'm not getting a PD.  My machines thus have no IPv6.  I've hard reset my router 4 times while working with Comcast, and I've been told to do things like switch to a static IPv4 address, which shows a level of clue that is scary.  And before that they were convinced it was a wireless problem even though I have a wired connection, and told them that multiple times.  I've wasted two hours with Comcast today, and even when I asked for escalation I got nothing.  Just hung up on.  It's honestly the worst customer support I've ever received.  I don't think I ever got them to understand the difference between IPv4 and IPv6.

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