Office 365 Expert - I am not. I have a customer that...

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I don't belong to the O365 product group, but did you look at this?

and a blog article to go along with that:

There's a bunch more than comes up under "office 365 bandwidth calculator" in your friendly neighborhood search engine.

The Exchange client model, for example, looks like it can give you basics for a model based projection if you can characterize your base.


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I have a customer that heavily uses Microsoft Office 365. It's hosted. All the data I see about usage per user appears theoretical. In that the formulas assume people are taking turns using the bandwidth as if there is a patient line of packets at the Internet gas pump. Nobody is clicking at the same time. We all know that is not the real world.

Does anyone have any experience with Office 365 hosted that can tell me the practical bandwidth allocation (NOT in KB per month, but in
megabits/sec) for 100 users (during normal work hours) needs to be available ?

Thank You in advance,
Bob Evans
CTO Fiber Internet Center

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