Recommended L2 switches for a new IXP

Phil Bedard bedard.phil at
Tue Jan 20 02:37:35 UTC 2015

On 1/17/15, 7:15 PM, "Saku Ytti" <saku at> wrote:

>On (2015-01-17 12:02 +0100), Marian Ďurkovič wrote:
>> Our experience after 100 days of production is only the best -  TRILL 
>> is pretty straightforward and thanks to IS-IS it provides shortest-path 
>> IP-like "routing" for L2 ethernet packets over any reasonable topology 
>> out of the box (without the burden and cost implications of VPLS).
>I'm not sure what the burden refers to, but cost implications to me seem 
>trident HW can do VPLS.
>From complexity POV, I don't expect much different development time to 
>functioning control-plane to either.
>I'm not against Trill, I think Trill, and especially SPB-M are great, now 
>just feel too little and 20 years too late. There was no particular 
>reason why
>SPB-M couldn't have existed 20 years ago in HW. But perhaps it's good it
>didn't, it might have made ethernet 'good enough', that selling MPLS might
>have been much more difficult.
>  ++ytti

I think in fairly short order both TRILL and 802.1AQ will be depercated in 
place of VXLAN and using BGP EVPN as the control plane ala Juniper 
QFX5100/Nexus 9300. 


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