gamer "lag" dashboard

Michael O Holstein michael.holstein at
Mon Jan 19 22:10:53 UTC 2015

?Can someone point me in the right direction for something that allows creation of a "dashboard" with current and statistical latency to the various game servers (PC, Xbox, PS4, etc) ? .. I'm in the education space and we get lots of questions/complains about this and would like a way to make the stats public.

I could roll something with RRD and Smokeping but with all the packet-shaping crapola (including that which we use here) I need something that emulates the actual game traffic as would be classified by all the network crap that endeavors to mess with it.

(not intended to be an argument about QoS and prioritization, responses addressing either --or the politics thereof-- really aren't helpful).


Michael Holstein

Network & Data Security

Cleveland State University

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