HTTPS redirects to HTTP for monitoring

John Levine johnl at
Mon Jan 19 21:51:16 UTC 2015

In article <54BCC924.1000104 at> you write:
>On 1/18/2015 12:55, John R. Levine wrote:
>> There are also ISPs that provide intrusive filtering as a feature.  I
>> wouldn't use one, but I know people who do, typically members of
>> conservative religious groups.
>Can you provide credible evidence to support "typically members of
> > conservative religious groups."?

I personally have known people who use them.  If you're familar with
some of the books that I've written, it should be evident why I'd need
to know about them and who they'd appeal to.

In any event, as should be totally obvious, the point was that there
are people who for their own reasons welcome intrusive filtering that
most of us would find unacceptable.


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