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Chris Adams cma at
Fri Jan 16 22:02:51 UTC 2015

Once upon a time, Pete Carah <pete at> said:
> On 01/16/2015 04:00 PM, Chris Adams wrote:
> > Anybody mail admins around?
> >
> > I have a downstream customer on a newly-deployed IP allocation that
> > can't get to (connections just time out). 
> I can't either ping or telnet to that either but can connect with
> s_client.  I'm *on* verizon (fios)...

Yeah, apparently they only allow SSL-wrapped connections on 993 and 465,
block ping/traceroute, etc. (makes it hard to debug).

However, I believe the customer when they say the computer is configured
correctly, because it is a notebook and works on another network (both
at our downstream, in a different IP block, and a fast-food place with
free wifi).

> Maybe they only allow secure, at least from some locations.
> (Just for reference, I'm seeing at a 206.46.x.x address,
> no v6.)

Me too (didn't think if they might have different IPs in different
locations).  I see is

> (not saying that they don't filter, but there are no 107 prefixes in the
> current cymru fullbogon4 list fetched about 5 minutes ago.)

I don't know; that's just a guess on my part that it may be the problem
(seems to fit).
Chris Adams <cma at>

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