discussing how to stop hacking is hacking which is now racketeering

Andrew D Kirch Trelane at trelane.net
Wed Jan 14 21:09:41 UTC 2015

> On Jan 14, 2015, at 12:19 PM, Jim Popovitch <jimpop at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 3:08 PM, Ken Chase <math at sizone.org> wrote:
>> http://blog.erratasec.com/2015/01/obams-war-on-hackers.html
>> Therefore, immediate end of this thread? Are all subscribers to this list now
>> to be inconvenienced at airports? (Sorry, my bad.)
>> Do we all need a CCNP Security-multipass to log into IRC now?  Which channels
>> are now a good idea to avoid? #linux? #bitcoin? #nanog? #obamasucks?
>> #blacklivesmatter?  (in Canada #idlenomore is similar and equally targetted by
>> Palantir/Tempests as the latter was).
>> What constitutes racketeering in 'communication'? Membership on a mailing list
>> or just reading a webpage?
>> [ This week I was investigating a colleague's website, so I ran dig(1) in a
>> bash terminal in putty - she saw a text terminal, and exclaimed "Wait, stop, are
>> you hacking my website?!" I blame Sandra Bullock and to a lesser extent Carrie
>> Ann Moss (and the nmap crew, esp. for using actually-plausible toolsets/techniques). ]
>> This is an age old game, but the ante has just been upped. Our industry should
>> respond to this.
> One has to wonder how any of this applies to the 'countries that hack'
> accusations that the FBI/CIA/NSA have always laid claim to.
> -Jim P.

You mean the credits page for Stuxnet?

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