Brocade MLX Feedback

Karsten Elfenbein karsten.elfenbein at
Wed Jan 14 20:07:18 UTC 2015


the devices are good.
Just read up about gen 1, gen1.1 and gen 2 modules in regard to
backplane mode. Afaik Gen1 Modules are discontinued now so all modules
should work in turbo mode.
I don't know which cam profile is the current default so that needs
repartitioning and default values adjusted if you run full table IPv4.

SNMP for IPv6 BGP neighbors is still missing in software version 5.6
so monitoring these sessions is not possible.

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2015-01-14 20:10 GMT+01:00 Graham Johnston <johnstong at>:
> We are looking at Brocade MLX routers to act as Internet edge routers.  They will initially handle two to four full tables, plus peering on an IX.  The price is certainly attractive.  We are coming from Cisco 7600 series devices.  Can anyone comment about their use of them?  Are you happy with them?  Any gotchas?  Particularly we are interested in convergence time to full FIB population.
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> Graham Johnston
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> Westman Communications Group
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