Google's Safe Browsing Alerts for Network Administrators

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Thanks for that feedback on Google’s Safe Browsing Alerts.  We’ll have to see how that works out for us over time.


In regards to ShadowServer, I don’t think they’re randomly scanning networks, and neither are folks like OpenResolver – I think it’s pretty systematic, albeit from perhaps only a certain point of view on the Internet.  If their scans are being dropped and logged, that’s great – that means someone has measures in place to mitigate attacks that leverage those UDP protocols.   But for those who use their output to better secure their own and clients’ endpoint devices, it’s much appreciated.  If it’s really just a drop in the ocean, what does it matter to you?




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I've not found it very usefull. As for I really wish folks trying to save the internet from mis-configurations would stop randomly scanning networks to fix. These folks are one of many "do-gooders" that are adding to the traffic being dropped and logged. Its only contibuting to the daily clutter of problem folk already poking and prodding. 





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