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Roy Hirst rhirst at
Tue Jan 6 20:49:59 UTC 2015

I know there is no such thing as a patient line of packets.
There was recently some research done on feedback from big early 
adopters (hosts) that I will try to dig out if you need it.
I remember that (1) user-to-data center bandwidth is much less than the 
resulting in-data-center bandwidth or dc-dc bandwidth (2) there are some 
useful metrics (ratios) for estimating bandwidth if you know the 
workload server GHz, installations need balance  (3) Many (most?) 
estimates underestimate fiber bandwidth actual requirements.

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On 1/6/2015 12:37 PM, Bob Evans wrote:
> I have a customer that heavily uses Microsoft Office 365. It's hosted. All
> the data I see about usage per user appears theoretical. In that the
> formulas assume people are taking turns using the bandwidth as if there is
> a patient line of packets at the Internet gas pump. Nobody is clicking at
> the same time. We all know that is not the real world.
> Does anyone have any experience with Office 365 hosted that can tell me
> the practical bandwidth allocation (NOT in KB per month, but in
> megabits/sec) for 100 users (during normal work hours) needs to be
> available ?
> Thank You in advance,
> Bob Evans
> CTO Fiber Internet Center

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